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The following are a couple of album redesigns that I made in  the summer of 2019. I went with two albums that are close to my heart and allowed me to experiment with minimalism, art direction and photographing still-lifes. The final products reflect a new interpretation of each album based on the albums' themes (given through the artist's own descriptions in interviews) and my experiences listening to both. 

Vintage Triple Vinyl Record Mockup.png


Plans is the fith studio album produced by Death Cab for Cutie. In explaining the theme of the album, lead singer Ben Gibbard stated "One of my favorite kind of dark jokes is 'How do you make God laugh? You make a plan'... A plan almost always has a happy ending. Essentially, every plan is a tiny prayer to Father Time."

Based on this quote and the melancholic sound of the album I created a miniature paper scene and photographed it to reflect the idea of people creating fragile little setups that could easily be blown away given unfortunate circumstances. 

Vinyl Album Mockup 1.png
Vinyl Album Mockup 2.png

Not to Disappear is the second studio album by the British Indie Folk band, Daughter. It is another melancholic track that features an other-worldy yet suffocating sound layered with various audio-textures.


I wanted to reflect the claustrophobic sound and macabre imagery mentioned in the album through photographing intensely close shots of highly textured and decaying objects including a cow skull, dilapidated city streets and crumbling architecture. 

I also created an accordion booklet to go inside the jewel case presenting the lyrics of all of the album's songs and a quote from lead singer Elena Tonra that I think really captures the message of the track-list. 

Not to Disappear

CDs copy.png
CD1 Mockup 4.png
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